Tiptronic (Automatic) or Manual Porsche

posted Aug 11, 2009, 9:56 AM by Quentin Ballard Tremeer
Most Porsche purists hate tiptronic because they say it’s never in the right gear in a corner…. You have to respect them………… 

they really are quite passionate about their driving…… they actually RACE their cars around Kyalami ….. a real treat to watch if you remember when the Porsche club race day is. The Ferrari guys stay well clear of each other and drive like grannies in the corners on their club day…….. VERY boring.
The 996 tiptronic …….. is a good upgrade on a BMW or Merc, especially as an everyday car. You can drive it like an old man in traffic and when you want some fun, put it through the floor boards. The “go fast button” at the bottom of the accelerator suddenly gets your hair standing on end. Corners that my Cooper S and the 335i stuck like glue in elicited tail sliding and tire squealing from the 996. This is the only car that I have yet driven that I have felt scared of ……..and it’s “automatic”.
Most of the 911 clutches I have driven with, I am not sure I would like to try and handle stuck in HEAVY traffic on the N3. My Mini’s heavy sport clutch nearly rendered me useless after one and a half hours of stop, start driving while trying to avoid multiple accidents on the highway. I can leg press 100kg on a bad day and 150kg on a good day and was by then battling to make the clutch do it’s job without the support of my hand pushing down on my knee…… and the Porsche clutches are heavier.
The question is whether you are buying for everyday use (for heavy traffic and a bit of open road) or whether you want it for Sunday drives on deserted roads.
As an every day I would go tiptronic, but as a third car for weekends and track days, I would have to agree with the purists………. Don’t take my word for it though go test them for yourself to see which one suits you best ……….

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