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posted Feb 11, 2010, 10:00 PM by Quentin Ballard Tremeer   [ updated Mar 28, 2010, 8:41 AM ]

For those of you who have gone to MPH before (now branded as Top Gear Live), don’t bother to go again. QsCarReview watched in Johannesburg on Sunday 08th Feb (14h00). Our car friends who have been before say half the stunts and tricks are the same as previous shows. Our friend W went to the later show (17h00) and said that Jeremy pulled the same trick with a girl in the audience (camera down her top) as he did in our show.


The following scenes were played:

  • Girl twirling fire and setting Subaru rear seat on fire and Subaru driving around on fire while girl carries on twirling fire (fire dancer)
  • Three a side car soccer (won by Sasha Martinengo)
  • Challenge - Race between Garden implements converted into a car
  • Cage of Death – four Frenchman with a death wish drive small off road motorbikes round and spherical cage.
  • The Stig -  goes head to head against four “Gladiators” in cars and drives and shoots them off the road with rocket launchers attached to his car THEN does the loop – the – loop in his car.
  • 1,2,3 and then 4 Bikes in a Cage Stunt
  • Audience computer game car race using colour and sound.
  • Parade of super cars (Jeremy, James and Sasha each choose a car)
  • Cool wall


4 Bikes in a Cage Stunt   Cage of Death   Car Soccer   Ferrari California - MPH Top Gear Live Show  Top Gear Live Challenge 
Top Gear Live Show Stage   The Stig Battle 

 CAGE OF DEATH - Top Gear Live Show 

 There is no way “the Stig” was going fast enough to make the loop the loop. There has to have been something mechanical hooking the car and pulling it from the vertical position to the other side of the loop.


I am surprised Jeremy Clarkson and James May were not assassinated before he left the country, making all those tasteless jokes about the city, the President and the government and “hitting on women in the audience” (we believe it is staged as he does it at the same point in the stadium in each show). How much did you pay that modelling agency to place those girls in that seat Jeremy? What is the likely hood of an attractive girl sitting on the isle in that part of the stadium for every show and putting up with his rubbish. The rubbish that they try to pull off is just so moronic. They should really just stick to driving cars like lunatics around tracks and showing us how good or bad they are.

Who cares about the Stig doing battle with other cars.


The super cars where so boring I nearly fell asleep, if it wasn’t for the pain in my backside from the hardest chair that I had ever sat on and the forward angle of the seat that meant that I had to keep pushing myself back in my chair every two minutes (and I’m not the heaviest guy) I would have been sound asleep.


The only part that really was worth while was an opportunity to get close to a few super cars in the display area afterwards. However, the only way to get close to the Ferrari California was to have boobs and a short skirt and not actually have (or ever have) the money or the passion to buy one...... go figure.


Verdict. Buy two of their DVD’s for the same price or put the money towards a driving experience and visit your local sports car dealers more regularly, it will be time and money better spent.


Come back soon to see our pics and reviews of the Farrari California Spyder and other super cars we drooled over.

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