Nissan 370Z

posted Jan 7, 2010, 9:27 PM by Quentin Ballard Tremeer   [ updated Jan 11, 2010, 9:40 PM ]

Red Nissan Car - 370Z

I wrote a while back that I have little interest in buying a Nissan, but their latest budget sports car the Nissan 370Z makes me want to rush out and become part of the Nissan family. They have changed so much and it is so well specified that I have summarized as much as I can below for you to get the same idea without me using all the flowery journalistic nonsense about gear changes feeling like melted chocolate……. I mean ..........who thinks of these things when driving cars as exhilarating as this, like they should be driven

Nissan 370Z specifications:

3.7 litre, quad cam, 24 valve V6 (front mid mounted – i.e. under the bonnet but behind the axle line) (made by Infiniti – Nissans American luxury brand). 245kW. 365Nm. 0-100km/h in 5.74secs. 250km/h limited top speed.

65mm shorter than the 350Z.

Overhangs reduced.

Wheelbase shortened by 100mm to 2550mm

30mm wider.

Generally if a cars wheelbase is shorter the ride comfort is worse but the car handles better. Too short and the car becomes twitchy.

Power train lower down lowers centre of gravity.

Standard 19-inch wheels in South Africa.

Keyless entry and stop and start. Interior quality improved.

On board computer buttons are small and awkward to use.

Bose audio system.

Multi-function steering wheel for audio/phone/cruise control. Integrated navigation available next year.

Bucket seats 10mm lower than the 350Z with electric fore/aft and backrest angle adjustment with integral heaters (cloth leather). Cushion height and depth adjustment and lumbar support. Works well for guys with long legs (like me). No telescopic column though. The slope away nose (like in the 323i I owned) makes for difficult judging of the front of the vehicle. You will scrape the nose and bump the bumper. Front parking sensors would be an advantage.

Lots of onboard storage.

Space saver spare wheel. Tyre pressure monitors standard.

SynchroRev Match system on manual cars blips the throttle with each gear change. Seven speed auto utilizes conventional torque converter with sequential manual override either via the shifter or the paddles. No sport mode.

Auto – because of the short accelerator sometimes kicks down a gear when it is not necessary.

Speed sensitive steering is positive and communicative. Paddles are long enough to be able to change in any wheel position. Shifts in half a second and features blipping DRM (Downshift Rev Matching). Eureka……………. it holds on to the selected gear in manual mode (if only my brilliant X3 would do that it would be perfect).

Don’t try this at home kids. Even with the VDC on, the tail can flick out of line (as demonstrated by their test drivers on their launch promotion – see my article New Nissan 350Z or is that now Nissan 370Z?). Ride comfort is good. Weight is similar to the 350Z, even with the use of lighter materials, due to a stiffer body and greater safety structures.

New dual wishbone suspension up front. Revised multi-link in the rear.

Braking 100km/h to 0 average of 2.75secs.

Lot of road noise.

Self leveling bi-xenon headlights. Active head restraints. Six airbags with occupant classification sensor to detect when infant in a safety seat or child up to 45kg is in passenger seat.

Come back soon to see my review of the shootout between the 370Z’s rivals.

New Nissan 370Z pictures

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Blue Nissan 370 Z

 Nissan 370Z Grey


 Blanck and Orange Nissan 370Z
Below are smaller images:
New Nissan 370Z - side view
Black Interior of Nissan 370Z
New Red Nissan 370 Z
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