Golf Gti 6

posted Jan 6, 2010, 10:07 PM by Quentin Ballard Tremeer

New White Golf 6 GTI

For all those of you who haven’t quite managed to break away from VW after owning a Citi as a student, OR those of you who are so gullible as to buy a car that has to have the word “new” three times on all advertising for you to realize that it is not actually a Golf 5 Gti……………
My local car mag assures me it drives well round the track…. Seems again the only way you can test drive it is on the track
what would you trade this in on, in five years time, when you want to upgrade….. an old man looking Passat, a dead slow Toureg, a million rand fast Toureg, a horrible looking CC OR a terribly over sized Combi?
Maybe a Volkswagen Amarok (come back for the teaser pics in a week or so)?

GTi 6 specifications:

6 speed, manual (R317000), DSG (R331800). Revised 2,0litre turbocharged. 155kW. 280Nm from 1700rpm to 5200rpm. 0-100km/h 6.9sec and top speed 240km/h (manual). 7.3litres/100km (7.4). 18 inch wheels standard (the worst thing that VW did was keep the same wheel design).
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Golf6 GTi  VW Golf 6 Rear view
  Golf 6 GTi Interior Dashboard  White Golf 6 GTi
 GTI Golf 6

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