Audi Q7 V12Tdi Review

posted Jan 21, 2010, 11:05 PM by Quentin Ballard Tremeer

Audi Q7 V12 TDi White


Life is all about the things you can take with you when you pass on to the pearly gates. Your first kiss, your first island holiday, your first safari AND driving a stupidly fast, stupidly priced SUV. The problem with actually buying one after the test drive is that you can't take it with you.


Audi Q7 V12Tdi Specifications

R1.5million (from R1.390mil).

6 litre v12 turbo diesel.



11.9litres per hundred (claimed).  

0-100km/h = 5.5seconds (claimed)


For the price of this Audi Q7 v12Tdi you could buy 10 shares in a motor going yacht in Greece. This would allow you to travel around the Mediterranean for 20 weeks of the year. Can you really get that amount of enjoyment from an SUV? The share in the yacht will appreciate while the Audi Q7 v12Tdi will drop like a stone.

Buy a one year old X5 3.0sd and 10 weeks per year in the Mediterranean for the same price.


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